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Leslie Levy August,

For 35 years, Leslie Levy August held progressively more senior leadership roles in international insurance agencies in addition to being a real estate investor and film-video-technology entrepreneur. She most recently has specialized in global trade facilitation, temporary imports, surety bonds, real estate valuation and employee psychological safety.

Fremont Peak Capital, LLC (FPC) was founded to capitalize on her diverse and unique background in insurance, international trade, film/television/technology, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and growth strategy. FPC is an investment and advising LLC that is industry-agnostic.

Current investment sectors include:

  • global trade facilitation,
  • cross-border financial guarantees, insurance companies,
  • insurance agencies,
  • employee health & safety
  • cannabis
  • real estate valuation services and
  • residential real estate.

Leslie’s Biography


Scaling complex businesses in regulatory environments from $3M to $45M in 5 years and entertainment technology start-ups from zero to $1M+ in 18 months, provides depth and breadth of experience.


Our guiding principles are always to operate ethically and fairly and to respect all parties in a transaction. We are specialists in the EPIC Elite program of mergers and acquisitions.


Women-owned, and with a diverse network of advisors, we are eager to work with business owners from a wide variety of backgrounds and identities.

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